Upcoming Windows 8 Powered Tablets / Ultrabooks

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Windows 8
Microsoft after a long time has come up with a version of Windows which could really change the world of Tablets / PC / Smartphones. Windows 8 is and operating system which can power desktops and tablets as well. You can interact with the OS using touch screens as well as mouse and keyboards. Windows 8 can be installed and used on regular PC’s as well as monitors with touch. Windows 8 has the power of taking it’s rivals namely Android and iOS which is dominating the market. Nokia Lumia 920 is a smartphone from Nokia which is powered with the latest Windows mobile OS.

Year 2013 would see a big number of gadgets coming up powered by Windows 8 OS. There are many tablets from companies like Dell, Samsung, Toshiba lined up. Some have already hit the market and some are going to be very soon. Windows Mobile 8 has really good features which could impress smartphone lovers / iPhone lovers to think about going for a change. There are reasons to believe that Windows 8 will make a big change in the tablets / smartphone market during the year 2013.

Windows 8 has four versions

  1. Windows 8 basic is the regular operating system which can be used on regular desktops
  2. Windows 8 Pro is for power users with some additional features. Microsoft Surface Pro runs with Windows 8 Pro which is yet to be launched in the market
  3. Windows 8 Enterprise is for business users
  4. Windows RT which would come pre-loaded with the devices like tablets. This OS would work with devices using ARM architecture (ARM Processors) which gives better power efficiency. The devices loaded with Windows RT can be kept on always like the iPad or Galaxy tablets. You cannot use regular Windows applications with this OS. The applications which are developed using WinRT (Windows runtime). Devices running on Windows RT are Microsoft Surface, Lenova Ideapad, Asus VivoTab RT, etc.

Windows 8 is totally a revamped version of previous version with very different user interface. We have seen reviews of different hardware running on Windows 8 and I would say that it is really impressive. We would need to wait and see the drawbacks / advantages of Windows 8 OS and devices to decide the fate of Windows 8.

As a user I would need a device which would give me a good battery backup, easy way to work with the device and light weight to always carry with me. I would not want to have a tablet a regular laptop and a smartphone to be with me all the time. Advantage of the new tablets or ultrabooks are that we can detach the keyboard and use it like the same way we use iPad or other tablets and attach the keyboard whenever we want to do some big data entry work. There would a onscreen keyboard if you want to just reply to some emails or other minor inputs. The biggest advantage for tablets using Windows 8 Pro would be that we can use the same applications which are compatible with Windows 8.


Samsung is coming up with ultrabooks powered by Windows 8 Pro. The specs sounds impressing. Check out the specs and more information on Samsung ATIV Smart PC.

Kupa Ultrabook powered by Windows 8 Pro

Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook

Most of these ultrabooks can be used as regular laptops and you have an option to either detach the keyboard or fold it in a way that you can use it like a tablet.

It would take some time for this OS to get started. Users want something different / better. The more we get the more we want and that is the reason for Apple to come up with a new iPhone every year. Will Windows 8 give Microsoft a boost? We need to wait and see. We will not see big overnight sales like we saw in the case of iPhone 5. 2013 would be the year deciding the fate of Windows 8. Tech Gurus believe that Windows 8 would be a hit and many would switch to the Windows platform.


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